28 month’s Impact; dynamics of happiness in Imtiaz Life

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Development organizations focus on service delivery which is good but best is to see what is the impact of the service delivered to a poor family. Here below is a live success story of a borrower of Seed Out whose family have been through sufferings and vulnerability due to poverty. An impact study was conducted by Social Mobilizer, Miss Kiran to see what has been the change due to Seed Out intervention with a poor family.

Muhammad Imtiaz was handed over by an Auto Rickshaw 28 months ago.  The total cost of the Product was Rs.150,000 and his monthly installment was set at Rs.3,000 per month.

At the time of disbursement his socio economic status was as following;

Imtiaz was bearing a burden of a total of ten dependents  at home. And among total family,  eight children were there at home, observed with desperate eyes. He used to drive an auto rickshaw of someone else on rental basis to meet both ends. He could hardly make Rs.10-15,000 per month. Most unfortunate was that he was capable to afford education of only three children and rest five were forced to stay out of education. His 24 hours were consuming his energy as well as grounding of fear about meeting three times meal properly. He used to share deep concerns about the career of his children. He never wanted that his children should stay out of schools. The misery compelled him to compromise to basic needs of life for the family. Unfortunately he had no savings too and thus the whole family was extremely vulnerable for any economic shock at any time. He was not a beggar but a potential micro entrepreneur and all he needed was just a small push to bring him on the ladder where he could raise his income, better.

Muhammad Imtiaz

Today, after 28 months of Seed Out project, his all eight children are going to school. His income rose to Rs. 25-30,000 per month. He is a dignified citizen as have been paying his installments regularly an all such installments have given birth to many such potential micro entrepreneurs now. His saving is also being managed at Rs.6000 per month and from savings, he could buy a new Refrigerator for keeping food items secured. Through Seed Out his family is enabled to follow basic principals of domestic hygiene and he is managing day book for business n daily basis. The program has built capacity of family better than before. His family is capable to afford medicines and basic needs of family are being met at ease. He is much confident that his children will rise successful in life.

Today the strain of stress on his forehead, which was there a year ago, is not anymore. He is a happy man and a man of a happy family. Thanks to donors of Seed Out.