A Day With an Happy Entrepreneur

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Doing something for someone is a great deed but actual happiness is experienced when we are able to see the outcome of our little effort. Seed Out’s work doesn’t end when we gain funds for some project although it is a step closer to what we want to achieve. We keep on having continuous updates about how the person is doing with the business that we have provided them and our success is measured by the fact when we come across different life changing stories from people who are or were helped through this medium.

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Communication plays a very vital role in understanding someone. It helps us to know them better and guides us to develop a better perception about their journey. On a field trip exclusively arranged by Seed Out, I was given the opportunity to visit a strong headed and a fighter disguised as a happy entrepreneur. Her name is ‘Soni’; pretty as in Punjabi it means. Just like her name, this 24 years old young lady is capable of painting glass in a very soni way. This is the talent and skills she acquires and this is what her glass painting business is about. Her life is blooming as now she is able to take care of her two children without being financially dependent at anyone but her own. Since I met her personally, I cannot emphasis enough on the gratitude she was paying to Seed Out for helping her out in the most difficult phase of her life. When I met her I couldn’t tell how much hardships she has been through but after knowing her story from the beginning she made me realize that Allah surely doesn’t burden a soul more than it could handle.

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She is a widow with two children. At such a young age when we haven’t even lived most of the ‘happy’ moments in our lives, she lost her companion. It was the sudden death of her husband that prepared her for the fact that what life holds for her children and her in future will not be easy. But she didn’t give up. Initially this business of selling painted glass was of her husband that gave her the skill to learn the art of painting the glass as well but at that time she wasn’t aware that this will soon become her destiny. It is rightly said that whatever we learn will be helpful for us in one way or the other at any point of time in our lives however she was helpless at that point as the savings that they accumulated were spent on her husband’s funeral and some other domestic expenses leaving her with nothing more than worries and the question that “How will she be able to do it without him?”

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Despite of the psychological, financial and emotionally damage this tragedy did to her; she did not lose will power but got much stronger with time. The barriers she faced were rather tied to some of our society’s shallow social norms that at first didn’t allow a ‘young widow’ to work or live a life as a matter of fact. People sometimes don’t think rationally as they are blind folded with the peer pressure around them. It was more important for them to keep her within the four boundaries of her house forever and let her live in agony and despair instead of encouraging her to look ahead of whatever happened. Even if we want to live a normal life, they will keep on knocking at our doors to remind us that something in our lives is gone forever that could not be changed or recovered. The tragedy doesn’t leave us that much awestruck as the idea of following the basic customs and cultures do. She had to fight till she won the battle and took matters in her own hands for her children, their future and a life that she deserves to live without the help of any ‘man’. She became her own hero and reflected positively to all the taunts and cold behavior from society.

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Now, she is doing more than just fine. Her children are getting the education and she is able to pay off her expenses quiet well. She said that if at that time, she listened to people around her; she would never be able to stand on her own feet and give her children the future and present they deserve. Now the same relatives who were against her working decision cannot stop praising her for all the money she is making and how she is managing to have a decent brought up of her children. She has actually become a living example for a lot of ladies out there. If Soni can make her way out of all those hurdles, negativity and impossibilities there is no excuse that we can’t achieve what we really want to. All it takes is a little effort, patience and the courage to keep moving.