Can I have your Leftover ?

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October 16 marks the World Food Day; it is the day that we take action to remove hunger from this world and fill the empty stomachs of those who are unable to do it for themselves. It is a day that we put
ourselves into the shoes of those who do not get to taste even the slightest of what we leave as a leftover in our plates.

A large majorities of people in Pakistan sleep with an empty stomach only because there is no way to provide for themselves and their families. They’ve gradually become accustomed to such a life where they only get to eat fruit as a treat and a third meal as rare blessing.

In times like these, Seed Out is helping to build families, construct their dreams to eat to the fullest. It focuses on building micro entrepreneurs who can help fill the bellies of their little, innocent
Today, while you celebrate, do not forget to donate a money equal to your one meal and help those children who are underfed and look forward to a plate full of happiness.



Millions of kids sleeps with an empty stomach every night in Pakistan – Little souls await your little contribution to raise their parents as micro entrepreneurs, so that they can also have a proper meal –‪#‎worldfoodday ‪#‎donateameal ‪#‎raiseenterperneurs ‪#‎alleviatepoverty