Chukkers for Raising Entrepreneurs: Seed Out Polo Cup 2015

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The ultimate polo brawl with a cause is about to get on so make sure that you book your seat in the VIP Lounge.  Seed Out, has taken yet another step towards prosperity of and for the common man of Pakistan. Seed Out over the course of a very short span of time has been taking business initiatives on and off, for the betterment of people. Keeping in mind it’s vision and philosophy, Seed Out has planned an exciting polo match that will be played between the famous American team and Pakistan Polo Teams on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at the Lahore Polo Club. The main aim behind arranging this thrilling polo game is to raise funds for Seed out that is working around the clock to help the needy community in developing their own small scale personal businesses.

Seed Out prides itself on hosting an exhilarating event that is aimed to bridge cultures and bring people closer on a global scale for the purpose of empowering the common man of Pakistan. It will be a glorious celebration of Pakistan’s extravagant style, culture and heritage. The event will be attended by affluent socialites, leading business tycoons, renowned public figures, legendary polo players, distinguished media celebrities and influential serving and retired army officials.

Come and join us as we unleash the manifestation of beauty, class and luxury exquisitely merged with the historical sport of POLO.

It will be a one of its kind Polo Experience and nothing like what the Polo fans have witnessed before since Seed out holds the honor of inviting the highly acclaimed and prestigious San Antonio Polo Club of America to come and play with our local team for the very first time.  With every goal they score and every mile they ride, will help us raise an entrepreneur and give us a chance to send two children to school and impact the lives of at least 5 people dependent on his income.

The San Antonio club holds historical importance in the history of Polo in America. Established in 1920, the club has produced some legendary Polo players who have left their marks on the game globally. Here is a brief description of their key players who will be participating in the game:

Gal Shweiki

Gal Shweiki  is a .5 rated player and has been playing polo since his years at the University of Texas.  He is the president elect of the San Antonio Polo Club, and as of this writing, he serves as Vice President of this venerable polo organization.  He is also the president of Shweiki Media, a high tech printing company that specializes in high quality, no hassle printed images that is the cornerstone of the magazine industry.  He is an aggressive player, known as much for his Hollywood good looks as his dead-on polo play. He is the proud father of two daughters and married to his beautiful wife, Bonnie.

Ursula Lipari

Ursula Lipari is a .5 rated player who has been playing polo since 1987.  She is a writer, producer and  news presenter for a San Antonio television station, as well as 2014 President of the San Antonio Polo Club.  She has worked over the last few years to preserve the heritage of the club, which has roots dating back to the 1870’s in Texas.  She has two children, Georgia and Jackson.


Bill Askins

Bill Askins is a .0 rated player who has been playing polo since 1970.  He has played in Nicaragua, Middleburg, Potomac, and Retama and attained a rating of 2.  He is a past president of the San Antonio Polo Club and has enjoyed a lifetime of equestrian pursuits, including show jumping, working cattle, eventing, modern pentathlon, polo and upper level dressage.

Shehryar Hassan

Shehryar Hassan : is a 1 rated Handicapped Player .He started playing at 13 years old. Being a fourth generation polo player, horses are in his blood. At 23 he has almost a decade of experience under his belt with the exception of a 3 year gap in the middle due to a back injury which kept him off the professional field. Although he grew up on the polo field since a child. With his cousin, grandfather and great grandfather all having played polo, this overwhelmingly attractive player grew up with the game. A crowd favorite, this talented player has been making his home country Pakistan proud in America, especially in Texas.

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