Give Pakistan’s Future, a Future

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Every eye has a dream. From children to adults, we keep on dreaming our whole lives for different reasons. We tend to run after different wishes or goals. Be it of professional or personal, there is always something for us to wish for. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that each person has a very similar pattern of living lives irrespective of caste, creed, social class etc. But how many dreams are fulfilled? This is a different story altogether.


There are children out there who want to conquer a lot but their hands are tied because of the monster of poverty. They dream big but settle with the scarce resources they have. We can’t even imagine how many dreams have wrecked just because they were not privileged enough to fulfill them. It’s not that their families don’t want the best for them, because every family does, but it’s just that they are obligated to lessen the burden from basic necessities that they really don’t have enough left to even think about something else.


This is plain sad when the main motive of life becomes to fulfill the basic necessities only and one can’t even think beyond acquiring anything more but what is happy about this whole scenario is that this is not something that we can’t fix. This is a serious problem that fortunately could be taken care of.

The children of today are surely a beacon of light for tomorrow. Our future is pretty much dependent in the way we mold these tiny people so that they could become better humans and understand their responsibilities towards the society. The way we put our thoughts in them, the way we show them the window and the way we broaden their minds to help them carve positive perspectives is how a bright future could be attained. For that, the first step is to break this vicious cycle of poverty.


How can a child think that they can become the change if all they see around them is an empty plate for dinner, broken desires and responsibilities at a very young age? How he can think differently when he is only taught is to become a bread winner or at such a delicate age and bring money home rather than going to school? This is not because their parents want them to work, but because of the lack of choice they have. Children deserve to paint their little imaginative thoughts, not walls as a laborer. The only labor child should do is to work for their better future and accomplish their dreams. If we want to minimize that burden from them, we have to make sure that the adults are compensated in such a way that they don’t look towards their children as a source of money bringers but to live their own dreams.


If the parents will be making enough money, I see no point of them pushing their children to work as well. We can raise employment for as such households on our part so no child has to ever quit studying. Platforms like Seed out is a true inspiration for many because through its microfinance many households have been enabled to generate income whose children are now getting education and striving for their dreams, which in return give Pakistan a better future. It is not only the parents we are helping out but their children and the dreams they have for themselves. A little effort on our part gives multiple benefits to someone who can achieve a lot but couldn’t. From such attempts, the children also remain children and not adults before time. They will have no burden to bear on their shoulders and happiness will surround them.

If we help their parents to become the complete source of income, which make it possible for them to run the expenses efficiently and effectively, they will also be able to give attention to the little desires of their children. They will also be able to understand the importance of education and how the future generation can take advantage of it. No child will be forced to work because they don’t deserve to. Our future will then be on the right track and from lighting the bulb for at least one household, the bulb of a dazzling future will shine bright for generations to come.

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