How can your 15 second video make an impact


A gigantic wave of  the most viral social awareness campaign #ISupportSeedOut is about hit the shores of the social networking world this Ramadhan. This unprecedented social media campaign is geared towards escalating the word about Seed Out and forging it’s mission to fight against poverty.

How can you become a part of #ISUPPORTSEEDOUT?

The purpose of this campaign is to pull the common man of Pakistan out of poverty through connecting people  via social networking platform but our purpose would be unattainable without YOUR SUPPORT. All you have to do is to make a 15 seconds video of yourselves ,pointing out a poverty struck issue  in our society , followed by saying “I support seed out”. You have to end the video by nominating three of your friends and sharing it onto your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc using hashtag #ISupportSeedOut and tagging Seed Out.

For detailed instructions visit this page

Hundreds of people have done it, thousands are doing it right now and millions are looking forward to doing it.

Every click you do, every video you make, is making a difference and helping us raise an entrepreneur in Pakistan.

One line is powerful enough to effect one life, one family, one generation. These 15 seconds of your life can help someone send their kids to school for 15 years. This 15 seconds of yours can help someone achieve financial stability. This 15 seconds of yours can pave the way for someone’s dream towards reality. They would be able to earn respectfully by fair means. Their kids won’t cry themselves to sleep every night. Their kids will know that their parents won’t come empty handed in the evening. Having enough food to eat, a bed to sleep, a shelter to live in and books to read would not be a luxury for them anymore.Seed Out is giving a chance to people to dream big by empowering them to lead a life of happiness and prosperity through financial independence.  Show your support to Seed Out by uploading your video today so that Seed Out can Support the ones in need.

There are thousands of our people living in excruciating pain and sufferings because of poverty. For them waiting for their lives to change is like waiting for rain in a drought. Seed Out wants to be  that first drop of rain in their lives full of disappointments and hopelessness. We are embarked on a lifelong journey, a path which very few people dare to take. We might not be able help everyone…But we believe that everyone can help someone. Help us achieve our aim and counter poverty in our society by following our campaign on TWITTER,  FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM  and donating us at

Every. Penny. Helps.