How To Tackle Poverty In Pakistan

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Title:  “How to tackle Poverty in Pakistan”

Poverty is increasing across the globe every day because of many factors. Specifically in Pakistan these factors includes lack of education, economic crisis, political instability, unemployment, power shortage, reduce in foreign investment due to terrorism i.e., absence of peace and a very fast growing population. The list will be infinite if it mentions all the factors. The reason for discussion and mass involvement in resolving poverty issue is that people have realized that it is the only solution of having peace, economic development, progress and stability. War and conflict welcomes nothing more than damage and sufferings and only violence will thrive.

Leaving behind the statistics which never help in tackling a problem or finding its solution, rather are better for a mere presentation. We are always unaware of a large population suffering from poverty. Those dwindling between poverty and precariousness are never taken into account. These people are the hardest to target, and are the reason that millions of people are not included in poverty estimation in Pakistan. Real estimation can indicate how stronger the problem is and what are the immediate efforts needed to reduce the poverty.

Education, the key to unlock success is used by Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Educating the masses, bringing awareness among people that if their children-the coming generation-succeed in getting good education and the literacy goals be achieved, and then the future of Pakistan will change. Agriculture, the backbone of Pakistan economy needs to be strengthened on urgent basis. The fact should be kept in mind that a large population of poor rural household depends on non-agriculture sources for their living. Thus there is a need to generate employment opportunities for the non-farm rural sector, without undermining importance of agriculture. Peace in Pakistan disturbed by U.S. intrusion in Afghanistan and the war on terror if regained can solve many problems. It will open many industries including foreign investment, tourism, and can even better the global image of Pakistan. Resolving power issues by constructing dams and relaying on power substitute of natural oil that are coal, wind, hydrothermal vents, biogas, will be more economical, environment friendly and will fulfill our power requirements. Economic stability-in particular inflation- is the key to start new business, trust and road for investment, like peace. In future it is the center of poverty alleviation which is possible only with a stable economy. Like economic stability, political stability has the same importance and the only possible way for a strong country with its strong economy.

All the problems listed above seem to be because of fewer resources for a fast growing population. There is a need to control population. For tackling ‘Poverty in Pakistan” we need sincere and honest efforts. The above can only be done if we all Pakistani’s work as a unit. The government and the public need to complete part of its job for a better, educated, lighted, wealthy, poverty free Pakistan.

Article Contributed by : Ammaila Basharat

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