Become a part of Pakistan’s most viral campaign ever






Seed Out, world’s first interest-free crowd funding platform working towards the alleviation of poverty in Pakistan, is finally dancing the social media viral marketing waltz. We are all set to make Seed Out go down right viral across the country with a campaign that you would definitely want to be a part of.

During this auspicious month of Ramadan, Seed Out is all pumped  up for launching “#ISupportseedout“, a campaign that would surely  change the course of history for the viral marketing genre in Pakistan.

To ignite the light of hope in the lives of the those who have lost it somewhere along the way of their lifelong struggle to make ends meet, Seed Out is giving you a chance to change a life through a social media marketing campaign that you don’t want to miss out on.

Want to know the Secret!

By following three easy steps you can become a part of  #ISupportSeedOut which will be the biggest and the bestest online social awareness campaign to run all across Pakistan.

Here’s how you can contribute and what you can do:

1. Trend #iSupportSeedout on Twitter


2. Make a Video


1. Make a 15-second video of yourself, mentioning your name and highlighting a poverty-related issue in Pakistan that affects you the most.You would have to end the video with the Phrase ” I support Seed Out“, nominating 3 of your friends to do the same.

2. Upload the video on your social media profiles i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc, tagging Seed Out and using the hashtag #ISupportSeedOutt and tagging your nominated friends.

3. Spread the word about Seed out involving as many people as possible.

Remember, every video that you upload is transforming a life every day, so the more videos we upload, the bigger impact we make and the more determined we become to fight against poverty, hunger and illiteracy.

So take out your smartphones and start uploading the videos today tagging your friends and family. Become a part of this unprecedented campaign that will surely rock the  social media world of Pakistan this Ramadan.

What others are sharing

3. Change your Social Media covers in Ramazan


We have created this cover generator which can be used to make your own seedout cover with your name and share it on your social media profiles with just one click.

Make your cover

4. Write about Seedout on your Blog


Do you own a blog or Website? If yes, then you can spread the word about Seedout through your blog or website. Here’s how you can do it:

1- Write about Seedout on any topic including its campaign, how we are changing the world, how we are alleviating poverty, how we are raising entrepreneurs and so much more to write on.
2- After publishing your article do contact us
3- We will promote your article on our social media and other channels.

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5 – More ways to contribute

We have created a dedicated section on how you can support seedout. click here for more options.