Poverty of mind is more lethal than the Poverty of Finances

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Poverty is defined in more than a way yet state of deprivation lead towards insecurity, vulnerability and socioeconomic as well as psychological disturbances to our valuable human resource. This is another fact that poverty of mind has been an impeding factor towards the societies where even funds are not issues. Labor markets determine future and skill development is inevitable (OECD). People are not poor just for the money’s sake, but poorly utilization and lack of human capital building has been putting a dent towards progress.

In this connection, varied types of skills are realized to be adopted such as technical and nontechnical skills. Pakistan could afford various technical skills building institutions such as TEVTA etc. yet there is a huge shortfall while finding options of non technical skill building.

Among non technical, Literacy and financial numeracy is one of the founding stones towards mind’s poverty index. Seed Out experiences the technical skills when interacting with the people who need, but when it comes to matters of managing a micro entrepreneur, there seems a huge gap. People are earning but not able to calculate, organize and expedite the business for expansion in future. Organizations like that of PSDF are working on the same lines where Seed Out targets

Capacity Building Training

Our successful borrowers are also among those target ones who need to be built with the capacity for bookkeeping and financial numeracy training. Along with that as how to utilize and mobilize resources for adopting better marketing strategies to give excel to their micro entrepreneurs. Training for building capacity for another batch was arranged in Gujranwala on the same purpose on the 22nd of January 2016.

We did not know that our small business has the capacity to be marketed and managed better than now, commented by Muhammad Rafiq (A borrower)

Blog By: Khalid Khan