Micro Entrepreneurship Development Capacity Building Program

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On Friday, May 29 2015, Seed Out achieved yet another ground breaking milestone by organizing a Capacity Building Program in Gujranwala, for the successful entrepreneurs raised through Seed Out’s Platform. The program was geared towards educating the entrepreneurs and their families about how their businesses can bring an effective change in their livelihoods through self development and self preservation.

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the Country Head briefly describing the agenda of the event. After the introduction, The President of Seed Out (Mr. Zain Mughal) shared his thoughts on Seed Out’s mission of alleviating poverty in Pakistan through raising entrepreneurs. He highlighted the importance of honesty and loyalty in executing a business. He further talked about how inspiring it is for him to hear the successful stories of the entrepreneurs that have been raised through Seed Out.

Leading the program further, the Country Head addressed the entrepreneurs about improving their knowledge of leading a prosperous life. A diligent young student of the highly prestigious University of the Punjab, Mr. Kamil volunteered in organizing the event. His heart warming efforts and unconditional devotion towards Seed Out were truly admirable and a source of inspiration for the participants of the event.

The agenda of the program was narrowed down into four segments:

  1. Education for children
  2. Health and Hygiene
  3. Rights of Women
  4. Training on Financial Handling and Book Keeping

During the first segment of the program, the entrepreneurs were given a comprehensive insight into the importance of children education and how it can impact their lives in the long run.  During the second phase of the program, the entrepreneurs were educated on the methods to improve the health and hygiene of their families. In the third phase, the Country Head highlighted the significance of gender empowerment and the role of women in the development of the society as a whole. The last segment included an interactive training session where the entrepreneurs were given information on measures that can be adapted to foster future saving s and investment.  The entrepreneurs were also trained on how to maintain effective book keeping to avoid discrepancies and confusions.  The program ended with a question and answer session in order to clarify the ambiguity of the participants.

The event turned to be an enlightening experience for everybody. The participation of the entrepreneurs was remarkable proving that the desired objectives of the capacity building program have been successfully met. Seed Out is determined to conduct similar training programs in the future on regular basis so that the entrepreneurs can truly emerge as more aware and responsible citizens of the society.

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