Seed Out Polo Cup 2015: The Beginning of a new Dawn

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On Sunday, March 22, 2015, Seed Out put into action a humongous Exhibition Match between Pakistan Seed Out Team and the visiting San Antonio US Team at the jam packed Lahore Polo Club.  Aimed towards fostering Seed Out’s mission of alleviating Poverty through raising micro entrepreneurs, the event broke all the previous attendance records by drawing a crowd of 1500 renowned movers and shakers of Pakistan. Pakistan Seed Out team secured the winning title by beating the guest US team by a 6-4 score.

The event was a day full of excitement, fashion, mouthwatering food and of course a high octane Polo Match. Starting with the red carpet, the event was followed by the Launch of Seed Out Mobile App which is yet another ground breaking milestone for Seed Out. The fun did not end there; renowned designer Mehdi showcased his exclusive Polo collection as the glamorous models marched down the Polo field during a fashion Parade. Followed by a thriving nail biting Polo Match, the day made history as our team brought home a great triumph against the US team. The day ended with a closing ceremony which included the Chief Guests namely Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, CEO Super Asia Group, Mian Ayyaz Anwar, Partner NLC and Mr. Faisal Salehayyat, Formal Federal Minister, distributing trophies to both the teams’ players.

The Us Team consisting of Ursula Lipari, Gal Shweiki, William Askins and Shehrayar Bukhari were extremely thrilled to be a part of this great event. “Pakistan is a beautiful country with such great People. Being a Part of this fundraiser, is an overwhelming experience for all of us. I wish Seed Out the very best for all its future endeavors” said Ursula Lipari.

Gal Shweiki, Founder and CEO of Shweiki Media Printing Company, while talking about his experience of visiting Pakistan for the very first time said”  “Since we had such a wonderful time in Pakistan, we feel we can act as ambassadors and tell everyone, when we go back to America how wonderful, warm and hospitable this place really is.”

Zain Ashraf Mughal while throwing light on the event said” All the blood, sweat and tears of me and my team finally paid off as we witness the beginning of a new dawn here in the heart of Lahore. The objective of this whole event was to enlighten the Lahorities about Seed Out’s work and devotion towards eradicating poverty in Pakistan and of course bridge the gap between cultures and countries through Polo’s platform”

Further discussing his opinion he added “Seed Out has joined forces with an international Polo Club to nurture a friendly image of Pakistan across the globe. This is the first time an American Polo Team has come to Pakistan which will encourage other countries to participate in different sports activities in Pakistan.”

“Pakistan despite being the largest charity giving nations of the world, is suffering from poverty to a huge extent. Through this event we are hoping to double the number of entrepreneurs we have raised through our platform, impacting hundreds of lives and encouraging education along the way” said Zain while talking about Seed Out.

The event was attended by thousands of affluent Socialites, Business men, Sports figures and renowned Politicians of the country.  Other than the exhilarating spectacle that is the Polo Match, the highlight of the event was the stars of our Showbiz Industry. Designer Ali Zeeshan, director and Producer Syed Noor, Actress and Model Fiza Ali, MPA Pashmala Tariq and many more renowned people of Pakistan shone the event with their warm presence.

The PR Management of the event was done by Imtisal Zaffar of Verve. Hosted by the very Famous Model and Actresses Natasha, the event was indeed marked as the most talked about celebration of the year on Pakistan’s Sports and Social calendar.

Though the match ended with the Pakistan Seed Out Team winning the match, the ultimate winner of this brawl was Seed Out. It was the first of many legendary fund raising events that Seed Out will be organizing to empower the common man of our country through entrepreneurship.

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