Seed Out: The Beacon of light in Someone’s Darkness

May 19, 2015 by     No Comments    Posted under: Disbursement Events

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”

We at Seed Out, experience this feeling as our dreams turn into reality whilst we help others achieve theirs. With every entrepreneur we raise, we are one step closer towards achieving our dreams and this feeling reminds us of the impact we make on others. May 06,2015 was one of those days when we were reminded again that doing what we do is actually making a difference in the lives of the poor and needy of my country. While having a conversation with the entrepreneurs and their families at Seed Out’s Disbursement Ceremony, I was overwhelmed with so much joy that no words can ever be enough to explain what I had felt. Each one of their faces told an unsung story. A story of hardships, suffering, survival, disappointment and struggle. Before Seed Out approached these people, they were under the wrath of unbearable poverty. Their lives were tattered with not having resources to meet the basic necessities of life such as food, clean water, health facilities, child education etc. But all of their miseries and sorrows were now a thing of the past with the disbursement ceremony held on May 06, 2015 at Gujranwala by Seed Out.

Their eyes brimmed with hope of a better and prosperous tomorrow. With their heads held high and the determination in their hearts, the entrepreneurs were motivated and excited to start a new journey with the support of Seed Out. I could sense a tone of freedom in their voices as they explained how they felt about having access to their own businesses. They were free from all the deprivation that had anguished their lives since forever.

 “I feel like my prayers have been answered. Seed Out has provided me with my own Rickshaw and I cannot thank Seed Out enough. Now my kids will start school and I will work as hard as possible to give them a bright and prosperous future” said an entrepreneur while talking about how he felt.

 It was blissful witnessing the ceremony and the disbursements made to poor micro entrepreneurs who were hopeless a few days ago. The new and the existing entrepreneurs shared their experiences of working with Seed Out. The existing entrepreneurs exchanged information with the new ones guiding them as how to maintain the project books and payments pay back to organization. Listening to their opinions about building a bright future for their families was inspiring and enlightening for all of us.

The disbursement ceremony was preceded by the Recitation of the Holy Quran which was later followed by the Chief Guest Mr. Haji Ashraf (A renowned businessman and Philanthropist) and the President of Seed Out distributing projects to the potential entrepreneurs.

True happiness is the one we experience by giving happiness to others. Our mission here at Seed Out is not just to help the poor and the needy, but to empower them so that they don’t have to ask for help again. Through raising entrepreneurs not only we are fighting against poverty in Pakistan but we are paving way for education, gender equality and sustainable livelihoods. Its Seed Out objective to enable the common man of Pakistan through the provision of interest free micro businesses. We cannot do this alone and want your help. Visit our website and plant a seed of happiness and hope in the lives of the poor and the needy.


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