Seed Out’s 2 years struggle against Child Labor

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People may describe child labor as a gruesome act performed by the parents and suggest harsh penalties to parents who engage their kids in this. But the bitter reality commonly ignored by many is that certain factors in the society lead families to take these steps and have no choice but to send their children to underpaid jobs in areas where a nice clean environment is kind of luxury rather than a necessity. 16 hour of work for just a mere 2 or 3 dollars is common. As a wise man once said

“A nightmare of one can be a normal job for another”


Seed Out is the world’s first interest free crowd funding platform which aims to provide financial help to the skilled, passionate and hard working people in our society who are willing to run their own businesses turning them into micro-entrepreneurs, thus growing their financial muscles exponentially. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also favored businesses because the success of one’s business is also beneficial to others.

As Child labor is increasing due to the sky high inflation. Seed Out took a one of its kind initiative to counter that and help financially deprived people to stand on their own feet and earn respectfully in the society. This is a mammoth dilemma in Middle East areas were laws are not strictly implemented and proper working conditions are not maintained. The most recent one is the benzene poisoning issue in China due to which caused deaths to the labors working in poorly established and ventilated buildings. A few weeks ago, a factory was found in Bangladesh who used child labor to make clothes which were then supplied to giant corporations like Walmart and Target.

Seed Out is geared towards eradicating child labor through the provision of micro enterprises to the financially deprived families.  Seed Out is providing a sustainable solution towards resolving this tormenting plague of child labor through creating employment opportunities for their parents/guardians so that a child is put to a place where he belongs that is School.


Sakina Bibi, the girl with no shoes but big dreams, is an 8 year old girl living in a rural area near Gujranwala. She asked Seed Out to buy her father a Rickshaw so that he can buy her new shoes and send her to the school nearby, just like her friend Zara. We posted his father’s profile on our site and within a few days we gathered enough funds to buy her father an Auto Rickshaw. Now, her father earns respectfully. He knows that his children are safe and sound under a secured roof with all the necessities his family needs. Sakina and Zara go to their nearby Government school regularly. Her teacher regards her highly and informed Seed Out that she is doing exceptionally well in her academics as well as Co curricular activities. She wants to become a successful doctor in the future and treat her patients well.

There are countless stories like Sakina and her family, and more are waiting to be told. Help us to increase that number by donating us at Seed Out. It’s 100 % interest free and has a mission of not only fighting against poverty but creating a road map that leads to a country free of child labor, hunger and financial deprivation. Help Seed Out in its mission even with the smallest contributions because Every penny is impacting thousands of lives every day.

“Children should have pens in their hands not tools”

– Written by Faizan Javed

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