Thank You Dear Donor !

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A heart filled with gratitude, eyes filled with tears, and faces lit up with joy wish to express their gratitude to you, Dear Donor.

Thank you Dear Donor, from the child who wakes up in the early hours of morning and dresses up for school. His pleasant start to the morning and the journey of learning is all awarded by you. The fact that he can groom his personality, and face the world in front of him with courage is all because of you. The child who does not have to be a helper at the local store but is a budding entrepreneur is all because of you. You are the changer of his goals, his meaning of life itself. You have given him a purpose to grow up and become someone who can give back to the society.


Thank you Dear Donor, for the countless times you bridged the gap between unemployment and happiness. It seemed unlikely for some, but a small effort from you changed their perception of life. Having a job that is secure and will bring income to their homes is perhaps the most joyous feelings of all for them. You gave them hope, you raised the standard of their living, and you kindled their flame of joy.


Thank you Dear Donor, from the mother who fills the plate of her children and takes pleasure in cooking for them. The tears bought once from the grief and pain of injury from poverty has now changed into the tears of immense joy when she can see through them, the bright and safe future of her children. She expresses sheer pride in her husband’s tireless hard work as he steps inside and out of their premises, their home which is now filled with happiness.


Thank you Dear Donor, from the father who will no longer have the wrinkles of anxiety but those of age. He will now be able to spend time with his children and finally leave behind him a legacy they can carry forward. His shoulders will no longer have to bear the weight of the wishes he wanted to fulfill for his children.


Dear Donor, it is you who provided a strong foundation to the house that once had a cracked roof. It is you who brought shade to the windows that let the harsh sun rays enter. It is because of your love that the people inside those four walls are smiling.

Thank you Dear Donor!

Written by

Arooj Fatima