The Hope We Give, The Light You Show

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What does living a successful life mean? Is it all about accumulating wealth and living a life of our own choice or serving others with the potential we have? Success is very subjective for everyone as it is measured differently by different people.

However no one can deny the fact that whenever a smile is brought to someone’s face and the reason behind it is us, it really does make us feel content that we have done something for others. The deed may be small but the impact it has on someone’s life is all what matters in the end. Knowing that someone out there is sleeping without financial burdens because of us is a blessing in its self. It’s not about one life but all the members of the family associated with them. A daughter and son with dreams, a wife with desires, old parents who want to spend the last days of their lives in peace and this is all possible because of a single person whose helping hand has made it easier for someone else to live a life with fewer worries.

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I would like to pay my highest gratitude to every single person out there who has contributed in changing someone’s life to an extent that they are now able to actually and literally live their dreams and not only wish about it.

Out of a lot of success stories I would like to bring Imran’s story to attention. His income per month was very low that he was not able to support his 3 children and a mother. That difficult time when even his biological brother did not support him and their sick mother when he had all the resources to do so, Seed Out became a ray of sunshine for him. After all, it is not about having money only, but the heart to spend it too that allows bringing a change for somebody. It is sad that sometimes we get to know the value of relationships the hard way but at the same time we should also know that if one door closes, Allah always open another one and this is where we all should know that hope is something we should never let go even when we feel that we are alone, we actually aren’t. Had it not been the selfless support of Seed Out supporters it was not possible for Imran to establish a business in sales and go on with a life like he is now.

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It is not only the money that our prestigious donors give away but it is the hope, happiness and motivation that is brought with it for those people. They need such a boost more than anyone else.

Muhammad Javaid is a food vendor now who is doing pretty well with his business and can sufficiently support his family too. But his life was not this happy since forever. It is due to the help and motivation the donors of Seed out who made it possible for a local factory worker, working at a daily wage of less than $2 per day to live a life without being financially dependent on someone. The money that has been donated to him did not only bring him sufficient income but peace of mind as well that now his mother, wife and family’s wishes are coming true day by day, the dark clouds have finally vanished and he can now see a clear sky holding a lot of hopes for his family and him.

With every good, evil exists. No matter how much positivity this world has to show, there will always be some minority that will make sure to demean themselves and the concept of humanity as a whole for others. Such a situation, Sofia’s story showcases when her garment and accessories business was robbed by people who should not be called humans at the first place and are the main reason why people get scared to help others but at the same time our donors are someone who keeps on showing us the brighter side of world and help us to restore faith in humanity again. Even after losing everything when she was at the verge of not being able to support her husband and children anymore, donors motivated her that she could start with scratch and keep on fighting till the end. Which she did and now this 27 years old woman is doing more than well again and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a major part of credit goes to our donors who understood the dire need of helping someone they might not even meet ever but still never showed any reluctance in helping a plea from a person with hopes in their eyes, asking for what can change their life forever.

When we look out at our donors they make us see that despite having a lot of problems, life too is about roses and sunshine, rainbows and doves, that humanity still exists and no matter how much negativity surrounds us, there will always be good in the world. A simple thank you to them will not do justice to the immense impact they have and still are causing to a lot of lives because their act is beyond any measure of gratitude and if there was a better word for it I would have said it a million of times to make them feel that what they are doing is not small.

Hannia Masood Awan