Together we stand divided we fall

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Jiye Bhutto! Altaf bhai zindaabaad! Imran khan tsunami! These are the slogans being chanted by people everywhere these days. People around Pakistan support various political parties and no doubt these political parties are in full bloom throughout the years.

Whether it’s the PPP “jiyalas” MQM’s or PTI supporters. Now and then we see peace marches (reference to Imran khan) and the overseas meetings (in reference to MQM). Being young blood I began wondering as which political party can bring a change. As I knew like the rest of my fellows that it is with us that the future of this country depends. To my dismay I looked at every single file of the political parties of every wing and found nothing of the worth. Every party had its pros and its cons. Then I began wondering about the “JALSAS” they hold every now and then causing many problems to the common man like up tight security, traffic jams, and roads blockage. I once had an experience of being caught in the traffic jam due to one of these jalsas. People old, young, boys and girls were all passing by supporting their party full of zeal and zest and let me clear it to you that yes! It was a PTI gathering. I 2_23703saw many faces and the only single thing common among all was that they were holding a flag. A flag which did not represent Pakistan, not national integrity it represented PTI only. I began to wonder that what is the deal with the whole political party flag thing. Why is it necessary that one should have a flag in order to represent it? Isn’t our national flag enough to represent our national integrity? These parties claim to work for the betterment of Pakistan? To bring a CHANGE I suppose? Then why do they use flags and banners and stickers to show that they are different? Why not put up only the Pakistani flag up on your podium? Isn’t the green and white crescent and star enough to represent your party? You are working for Pakistan or as you claim too then why not stand by your own national flag rather than making up a flag of your own? I researched all parties MQM, PPP, PML, PTI, etc and came upon the fact that they all had various banners, slogans, flags that showed their difference. None of them the fact had a reference to Pakistan. Isn’t the whole point of it is to work for the people? To work for Pakistan? Wouldn’t it be better that without any discrimination we just put up our OWN national flag? Take them to the proceedings with us? When the political parties preside a meeting instead of their own representative flag how about we just put up our national flag? As it is said that ‘Iss parcham k saye talay hum aik hain’ why not show it then? Why not just forget all that stuff that brings distinction among us and unite under the same green and white flag?

Name: Sheherbano Zafar
Campus: NUST H12, Islamabad Chapter


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