Transforming Homeless to Entrepreneurs – A journey of 25 year old

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According to Anthony Robbins, the world’s number 1 motivational speaker and performance coach “Success is the result of good judgment, good judgment is the result of experience and experience is always the result of bad judgment.”

My life story is no different from all those who were born in an entrepreneur family. The first things I learned while a kid from my father were punctuality, team management and hard work.  My family owned business was growing year on year and so was I. While in my teens, I also aspired to be just like my father but I also had this inborn instinct to go a step ahead of him and make him proud. Somehow the goal of embarking on new ventures was still like a piece of abstract art and I didn’t know how to go about it.

Coming from an affluent family, in a society which is explicitly defined by its divide between the people who have it all and the ones who have nothing; I was always deeply moved by this unjust social economic paradigm.  Being one of the heirs to a conglomerate business empire had its perks that allowed us to have an access to a luxurious livelihood, from riding in fancy cars to international touring, we had it all, but like there is another side to every story, I had mine as well.  While being brought up in a highly privileged life style, an excruciating sense of guilt started developing within me that haunted me throughout my teen years. I felt devastated, lost in my inner bewilderment. While living in my huge mansion with servants and every possible facility one can imagine, in a small city, just a mile away from my house were the slums. Commonly known as the Kachi Abadi, was the vast majority of people dressed in rags, living under wrath of intolerable poverty and dejection with no or minimum resources sufficient enough to meet the basic necessities of life. I knew that it was not my  fault that I was born on the greener side of the road and I clearly understood that everybody is not destined to have the same fate, but I couldn’t help how I felt.

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Though my family was involved in various charitable activities and practiced altruism religiously, I witnessed that giving charity to the deprived, hardly made any influential impact on their lives. I saw the same faces coming to our door step every year asking for more money, the cause of which I completely failed to understand. No matter how much we gave, it was never enough, leaving me more confused and disappointed.  I had an inner voice telling me that I need to do something for my country, but I didn’t know how. All I knew was that instead of following the same old conventional methods of giving charity, I was determined to do something so influential and effective that would truly impact somebody’s life one day.  All these feelings inside of me grew stronger as the time passed, making me even more focused towards my goal.

Eventually I took a flight to the US to earn my degree in Entrepreneurship in 2009. During my undergrad program at the university of Miami, one of the many apparent differences that I witnessed was the fact that while the people in the West are always striving for bigger, better, faster, the people from my part of the world have to fight every day of their lives just to meet the basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothes. While studying there, a lot of my inner self questions were answered.  My education in entrepreneurship further helped me shape up my vision, showing me the right direction.

By the time I landed on my home soil, I had a clear direction as to where I will lead myself. I returned home with a coherent plan of action together with the passion and drive for achieving what I had in mind. With a humanitarian cause attached to my mission, I was more eager than ever before to play an aggressive role in the demise of poverty from Pakistan. As a result of all the sweat, blood and tears, the concept of Seed Out emerged.

Seed Out is the world’s first interest free crowd funding platform with a mission to alleviate poverty through the creation of micro entrepreneurs. The concept is to connect the potential entrepreneurs of Pakistan to the donors from all around the world through our website (, bridging up the gap between the people who seek help and the ones who want to help. With a click of a button, the donor from any part of the world can donate to the potential entrepreneurs in Pakistan either directly funding his/ her project or donating to Seed Out. Seed Out merges the concept of channelizing the charity together with the synchronization of technology sketching a road map that ultimately leads to poverty eradication.

What makes Seed Out different from the others: Instead of handing over hard cash to our borrowers we establish their businesses for them. Not only does Seed Out raise entrepreneurs but also provides a channelized gate way for the circulation of  charity ; transforming a borrower into a donor. Keeping our process simple, transparent and direct; is Seed Out’s forte.

I am Zain Ashraf Mughal, an entrepreneur turned philanthropist, and the venture that has transformed me in the true sense is Seed Out. I must say this venture is my magnum opus, I love this entity more than any of my business projects because this is not about me, my family or friends, it is all about empowering the common man of my beloved country.

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