We Eat Chicken Twice a Week Now !

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“We are a total of 6 family members living together and the most joyous occasion was when with my first pay, I treated my family by bringing home a full kg of raw chicken (all leg pieces) since my it is my daughters favorite (laughs shyly). I still can’t forget the happiness it brought on their faces when my little one asked her mom that what is cooking today and my wife exclaimed: chicken”

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These are the exact words our blessed and happy entrepreneur from Gujranwala told us when I asked what happiness is for him. I was given the opportunity to visit few entrepreneurs in a field trip who are now doing a fairly well after Seed Out has been able to establish different businesses for them. To be honest I was expecting that this auto rickshaw owner now, would rather define happiness in bringing more money to home or that he is employed at last. Because this is how at some point we all are programmed to look at happiness.

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He then kept on telling how before Seed Out came to rescue him, it was impossible for him to afford even a mini sachet of shampoo. He was deprived and he knew what helplessness looks like. He closely experienced it. Poverty was eating his family up and he had no clue how to fix it. His Auto Rickshaw business not only gave him the power to do groceries every month without being uptight but also he brings fruit for his family on weekly basis now. He is happy that his life has took a turning point where once he was on the verge of taking a huge debt which he was supposed to return with interest to now earning on his own and smoothly running the house affairs. He mentioned that his life would have been utterly different if he took the debt. Because he knew there was no way for him to return it back and the only option left to him was passing it on to the next of kin. He still says that whenever he thinks his life from that perspective he couldn’t help but prostrate in front of Allah who saved him and his family miraculously. His eyes filled with twinkling happy tears said a lot about how thankful he is to be finally blessed by Allah and sending Seed Out in his life that helped him to choose a better future for his family. At the beginning I hesitated to meet him, reason being I thought that I had to keep asking him questions to initiate our conversation but I wasn’t speaking in this one. He kept on going like he was waiting for someone to touch those chords. Like he was anxious to let it all out in front of someone who could listen to how he survived and how his life changed. How Allah has listened to his prayers that he once thought will remain unanswered. How he feels happy to see his daughters dressed in school uniform each morning. How he could kill for the smile his wife has when every now and then he brings chooriyan, new jora and gajray for her. How his mother sleeps sound knowing that her son is doing more than fine and is now actually happy with what he has. I am still grateful that, that someone was me. I wanted to hear it all out. Every bit of it, even all over again. He also said that it is a routine to list out the menu for the food they plan to cook each week since they bring all edibles weekly, and he is so happy to write chicken twice in it.

I never knew that a family been able to consume chicken twice a week now would inspire me so much. That was like the happiest day for me. I am glad I met him. He taught me that the simple pleasures in life are not about accumulating wealth but peace of mind. Money does help us to buy what we desire and we cannot neglect its importance but it is the happiness of our loved ones that makes us blessed. Money is just a way to gain it. It is a lot things but not everything.

I also felt that we have made our lives much more complicated by running after things that merely hold no importance. If each one of us just take a minute and pause from whatever we are doing and just remind ourselves that how Allah has blessed us in numerous ways, I am sure we will be whining less, because if we look around not everyone has all those blessings that we shamelessly take for granted but we are fortunate enough that He still has made us lucky to bless us with more than we deserve and on this note I just want to say thank you Allah for blessing me with everything that I have.