What to Wear to This Year’s Most Exhilarating Polo Event

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On Sunday, March 22, 2015, Seed Out, world’s first interest free crowd funding platform, will be hosting “New Lahore City- Seed Out Polo Cup “at the magnificent Lahore Polo Club. Presented by New Lahore City, this smart affair begins at noon with the red carpet followed by a lavish brunch and the high octane, steaming spectacle that is a Polo match. The game is Pakistan Vs Us, so it will definitely be an exhilarating one. The prestigious event attracts more than 600 influential personalities of the country and will be marked as the “Next Big Thing” on Pakistan’s sports and social calendar. It’s a tremendously prestigious event as both countries compete head to head for New Lahore City-Seed Out Polo Cup.

A host to all the who’s who of the country, the event will surely be the talk of the town for a long time. A royal affair that it’s said to be, demands, that other than the thriving match, the ultimate head turner will be the fashion. So before you worry yourself to death wondering what to wear to this gigantic celebration, this article might help you solve the mystery, so Read on.


For Ladies

Because Polo has the reputation of being a Sport of the King it is a perfect combination of royalty and formality.  But that’s a thing of the past. Fortunately, the game is being played in Pakistan and not England. So relax!

When it comes to Polo, the best fashion advice would be to start from the feet up. Ladies! No matter what your choice of shoes might have DONOT wear stilettos to a Polo event. Since Polo is played on the ground, trust me, you don’t want to end up sinking into grass with those high heels, unless you want to get the negative kind attention while fumbling your way in and out of the soil. Wear wedges or embellished flats instead, depending on how tall you are. They are super comfortable and you will thank me later for making it through the entire day without having soar feet.

As far as the attire goes, the weather will be the ultimate game changer here. Since it’s Lahore and spring is in the air, it’s going be pleasant but yet quiet sunny. So a cool summer dress with a nice belt will definitely steal the show. If a dress is too fancy for you, just put on those high rise sacks with a chic white button up silk tunic. Also, pick light summer colors for instance pastels, florals, whites and yes my personal favorite “The Ivory”. And for those who are not into formal clothing at all, feel free to jazz things up with a pair of straight jeans or Capri pants and a Polo shirt.

The sun will be up, so a stylish pair of statement sun glasses or a wide brimmed hat is more of a necessity than an accessory.  So girls, pull out that brimmed hat that had been buried somewhere in your closet and put it to some good use.

For Men

When it comes to choosing and attire for men, the process is way too less complicated. Guys, all you need is a pair of chinos or dress pants with a good (and by good I mean expensive) Polo shirt and you would be good to go. However, if you are the formal kind, top is up with a nice sports jacket. And remember wearing sandals to such events is a fashion suicide so avoid those like totally.

So as you get ready for this year’s most happening event of the country, try your best to pull off your best look. So aside from horses, the leading attention puller could be YOU.

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