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The universe is a connected space of consciousness. It consists of the energy emanated by the uncountable number of entities present in it. We as humans constitute a very important part of this continuum of energy and thought. We have the gift of having the power and intelligence to make our own universe. But even within this supposedly “lucky” race of sentient beings, there live huge masses that suffer from a debilitating state of powerlessness over their own lives. These people are everywhere. They can be found in third world countries as well the ultra-developed economist ones.

These people are humans, make no mistake about it. They simply had the bad luck of being born under-privileged through no fault of their own. Their births were never celebrated but were rather unwanted. They were burdens without whom the world could do with. They don’t have any education. They have no skills. They provide nothing of value to the world and they consume precious oxygen.

What could these people really provide to a world which is dominated by those who have degrees and certifications and education and knowledge?

Why do these people even live? Shouldn’t they be just removed from the face of this planet? Wouldn’t that make the world a better place?


For most of us educated mass, the single most deciding factor in our “successes” was being born into a family that could afford educating us and give us enough freedom to pursue the path of our choosing. Yes, there are a few exceptions to this rule, but again every rule has a few exceptions.

So, can we really say that we are somehow “better” and more “deserving” to live a blessed life than those who spend their lives on the streets of our nations?

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The answer is painfully clear. We aren’t. We are just lucky.

Lucky to have had parents who wanted to educate us, lucky to have had the chance to learn a few skills that help us earn our bread, lucky for having had the chance to gain knowledge, even lucky enough to have access to the internet.

We aren’t better. Those other people were simply unlucky.

So let’s take a note for our diaries today. To contribute, to use the blessing that life has given us to help those who weren’t given that opportunity. Let us donate. What we donate is irrelevant. What’s important is the thought behind it, the realization that we can change someone’s life.

Maybe we will be able to sleep a little better at night.