Women Empowerment:  A Success Story of Seed Out’s Entrepreneur

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The concept of women empowerment is not something new to us. It’s been engraved in our system as long as the concept of modern economic structure came into being. Women can and have played an aggressive role in the development of our socio economic system. From managerial skills to hard core military actions, women have proved themselves in all walks of life.

In developing countries like ours, though women have come a long way and have achieved milestones in their respective fields, but in many rural areas women are not considered as equals to men. In majority of the rural areas of Pakistan, women are a victim of never ending violence, suppression and misery. Since they are considered a little better than animals by the men who claim to be their masters and ultimate providers, women are constantly being reminded that they are incapable of earning and should be confined to the household chores only. The approach is a major setback and one of the primary causes of poverty in our country. Around 60 % of our population comprises of women and a very small almost nonexistent portion of that 60% amounts to women who are working.

Seed Out is a strong advocate of women empowerment in Pakistan. We have a firm belief that women have exceptional managerial and administrative skills not only to run their own business but also have tremendous amount of potential to grow and foster their businesses. Here, I want to share one of our success stories of our first woman entrepreneur: Syeda Saima.

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Syeda Saima’s life story is the story of many women who have been the victims of suppression and domestic violence by their husbands. She is a mother of three daughters and lives in a small town of Gujranwala, Pakistan. Her husband left her on the birth of their third daughter, twelve years ago. She and her daughters were at the mercy of others after her husband abandoned her, holding her responsible for not giving him a son. Disappointed and with no hope of a better tomorrow, She was forced to give her youngest daughter for adoption. In order to feed both of her children, Saima started teaching in a local school, near her place.

But that too was not enough to meet their basic needs. She always had a dream of starting her own sewing centre but did not have enough resources that could enable her to pursue her dream. She heard about Seed Out through a close family member and reached to us. When we received her application, we were determined to provide her all the help she needs to get back on her two feet. We published her story, got her project funded and helped her establish her sewing center business with five sewing machines.

Recently, I had a chance of visiting Saima at her home in Gujranwala. What I saw there was a fully functional sewing center with more than 10 women employed there. Not only she had been able to provide for her family but also created a reliable source of income for 10 more women. Talking to Saima, made me so overwhelmed with joy that no words can ever be enough to describe what I felt. Her heart was full of content; her eyes were in tears of gratitude and she had a smile on her face while talking about how she felt. That was the moment, when I realized the impact of helping someone in a way that will make them happy for life.

Seed Out is determined to empower women in our country through opening the doors of entrepreneurship for all in Pakistan. We want to create and execute micro but effective businesses for women which could be operated with minimum investment hassle free. We believe that women can have a huge contribution in the household income only if they were given the right opportunity. We cannot do this alone and need your help to transform our vision into reality. Visit our website www.seedout.org and bring smiles on the faces of many women like Saima, through our platform.

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